Russian Villa on the Cote’Azur

One of the most beautiful places nice and still considered Villa Walrus – a huge area, beautiful Palace and other great buildings. Today, there is a natural faculty of the University of nice, but once it all belonged to a rich Russian businessman railroad Builder Paul G. Derviz (1826—1881). Count Witte in his memoirs wrote about P., the Derviz: «When he had amassed a very large fortune, he was so smart that he immediately dropped everything, went abroad, and was built in Italy a Palace, played music, had its own theatre, where he died»

Indeed von Derviz built in nice real Palace, named Villa Valros. He did a lot for the development of the city – at his own expense built a school repeatedly made money on the landscaping of the surrounding area. And on this day in nice preserved the memory of him – one of the streets of the city bears his name. At the Villa Valros visited by many famous characters. For example, Glinka wrote his Opera » a life for the Tsar’ (‘Ivan Susanin»)

In 1911, the heirs were forced to sell the Villa, but the events of those years remained at the photos. These pictures are of great historical value and will be of interest not only Russian, but also French audience. They show the interiors of the Palace, the Palace and Park, private views of the city. Many pictures genre scenes showing everyday details of everyday life of the family of Divisov and their friends constantly stayed in the Palace in the beginning of the century.

A few words about the photographer: the Author of all photos Nina M. Derviz, the wife of Pavel Pavlovich Derviz (meadow). Before her marriage she worked in the women’s gymnasium in Moscow from 1903 to 1907. Perhaps then became interested in photography as shooting in nice, made later, speaks of it as a very experienced photographer.

I had to do the work on the selection and restoration of this material. And now they have begun to live a new life, revealing little-known page of Russian history. It is interesting that in France – The University of nice was asked to provide these materials for exhibition and publication. Maybe it will come true….